Start your day as you mean to go on….



I always think that if you make a healthy start then you’re more likely to make healthy choices for the rest of the day.  Breakfast is exactly what it says – you’re breaking a fast  so it makes sense to me to do it gently and to nourish and hydrate your body with lots of fresh, nutrient-rich and easy-to-digest ingredients.

I always start the day with a cup of warm water with fresh lemon and ginger.  (Be careful not to have the water too hot or you’ll destroy some of the nutrients in the lemon and ginger.)

There are so many great benefits to doing this including the following:

  • A gentle wake-up call for your digestive system
  • The warm water and lemon acts as a natural diuretic to get your kidneys working well and to clear some of the toxins that have built up in your body overnight
  • Lemons are high in vitamin C, which gives a natural boost to your immune system.  Vitamin C also helps to improve iron absorption within our bodies
  • Despite being acidic lemons actually have an alkalising effect on our bodies, which is great for our health
  • The vitamin C, as well as other antioxidants, helps to reduce wrinkles and blemishes so it’s great for our skin
  • From an aromatherapy point of view the smell of lemons is believed to brighten our mood and clear our minds
  • Ginger is known to help relieve stomach cramps and nausea – perfect for any pregnant ladies out there or if you’ve overindulged the night before

After drinking hot water, lemon and ginger I tend to opt for fresh juice.  My lovely friend Jess introduced me to juicing a few months back and I have to say I’m now something of an addict!

One of my favourite early morning juices is this delicious green juice – full of amazing nutrients:

  • 1/2 a cucumber
  • 3 stalks of celery
  • Couple of handfuls of kale or spinach
  • 3 apples
  • 1/2 a bulb of fennel

(I always use organic fruit and veg)

The juicer I use doesn’t need fruit or veg to be peeled first (apart from citrus fruits) so I literally just pop all the ingredients through and a couple of minutes later I’m good to go!


Note: Because the acid present in fruits can affect the enamel on our teeth so it’s best to wait at least half an hour after drinking juice before you clean your teeth.

One thought on “Start your day as you mean to go on….

  1. This is a great post! I agree with what you say about a healthy start helping you to make healthy choices later in the day. I’ve gotten into the habit of having a smoothie for breakfast every morning, and I find that by starting out that way, I never want to break the good habit, so I just continue with a healthy salad for lunch.

    Good tip on the lemon, ginger and hot water. I should start doing that. Just to check, what is the main benefit of the water being hot? Is it the wakeup call for the digestive system?


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