Liebster Award

I was really chuffed to have received a mention earlier by The Cheeky Vegan and a nomination for a Liebster Award. I will be blogging about this soon, answering the set questions and nominating my own blogs… Watch this space!

The Cheeky Vegan

While I was on holiday last week I received the most lovely comment on here from Laura over at Incredibly Edible to say that she had nominated me for the Liebster Award!

First off, thank you so much Laura, it was such a nice surprise and it totally made my day. I think I had a genuine Julie Powell moment, because while my blog does receive steady traffic, I don’t often receive comments and so I’m not always aware of my readership. Laura’s comment came completely out of the blue, and really took me by surprise! So really, thank you.

Your comment that my story almost makes you want to go vegan is really encouraging (now for that final conversion! Haha).

Incredibly Edible is a lovely blog where Laura’s focus is on “using the freshest, most natural, organic, unprocessed, nutrient dense – as nature intended – ingredients available”. Laura’s blog…

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