The Liebster Award – Eleven Questions…

First of all, thank you very much to The Cheeky Vegan for the nomination!  I hadn’t heard of the Liebster Award before but from what I can gather it seems like a great way of sharing great blogs that you might otherwise not get to hear about.

The Cheeky Vegan is Siân, a Bristol-based blogger who was inspired to go vegan after a trip to Thailand. Her blog is packed with delicious and inspirational recipes so do check it out.

I may have to respond to this nomination over a few separate posts as work is a little crazy at the moment but I will do my best to reply in full ASAP.

So, as part of the nomination I firstly need to answer 11 questions, set by The Cheeky Vegan, so here goes….

What made you decide to start a blog?

I’ve been vegan for a while now (about four years) and I’m always getting asked “but what do you eat” and “I’d love to eat less meat/go vegetarian/go vegan but I don’t know what I’d cook”.  I used to spend a lot of time emailing over recipes and inspiration for plant-based meals to various people and a lazy part of me figured it would be less work if I just posted these recipes somewhere central and people could access them in their own time.  The other reason was that I’m very much a throw-a-little-bit-of-everything-in-the-pot-and-see-what-happens kind of a cook, which is fine except you can never quite remember what you made or how you made it and if a recipe actually works out and you would quite like to eat it again at some point it helps to have it written down somewhere!  The blog is a way for me to record what I’ve made and means I can make it again, fairly reliably.  So up to now we’ve established that I’m lazy and a little forgetful.  Hmmmmm….

In all seriousness though I am absolutely passionate about veganism.  I love animals, not to mention this amazing planet that we all live on and it makes no sense to me to live my life in a way that would cause harm to another living being, if I can help it.  On top of that I truly don’t believe that our bodies are designed to need animal products.  Since going vegan I’ve spent a lot of time reading up on nutrition and physiology (mainly in order to articulately field the inevitable “but where do you get your protein?” and “but surely you can’t live without meat, can you?!” questions) and I feel so healthy and full of energy eating this way that I want to share that experience and help other people to discover the joys of plant-based food for themselves.

I’d been talking about starting a vegan food blog for a while amidst lots of encouragement from some lovely friends but it took a long-weekend in Italy and a few glasses of wine to actually motivate me to finally get on with it.  In addition to that we lost our beloved rescue-cat Humphrey earlier this year and I needed something positive to focus on as I was missing him like crazy.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a vet for a long time but the realisation, aged 16, that I would need to achieve an A in both maths and chemistry A-levels meant that I switched to Physiotherapy.  As it happens I actually don’t know if I’d have made a very good vet as I think I’d have been far too emotionally-attached to my patients!  

What is your earliest memory?

I could make this up but the honest answer is that I very distinctly remember throwing up on my Nanna and her beautiful, dry-clean-only vintage skirt, aged two.  Sorry Nanna.  Sorry readers.

If you could jump on a plane and fly anywhere tomorrow, where would you go?

Probably somewhere hot, with amazing beaches, lots of incredible wildlife and not too many people.  I went to Panama earlier this year and it was incredible – I would love to go back there again.  Although I also love India for the food, the culture and the general craziness of the place.  Hmmm, decisions…..

Which three foods/ingredients could you never live without?

Curry.  I love spicy food, the hotter the better!

Lemons.  We always seem to have dozens of them in our fridge as I use them all the time and I sneak them into almost everything, even when they probably don’t really belong there!

Coconuts.  Coconut milk, coconut cream, coconut ice-cream, coconut flakes, coconut water, fresh coconut…… Love them.  Can’t get enough!

(And I know it said three but I’m also addicted to avocados!) 

Have you had any big kitchen disasters that you can share?

Er, yes, most weeks!  In all seriousness though I love experimenting with food but it does mean that sometimes it goes a bit wrong!  I’m not a very good cooking-loser either and I do get annoyed with myself when a recipe doesn’t go my way.  (Apologies to my husband – I suspect that this kitchen-disaster-related grumpiness may occasionally get projected towards him a little too….!)

Other than the usual experiments-gone-wrong I do clearly remember redecorating my new (and previously very lovely) open-plan flat once when i forgot to but the lid on a blender containing a curry sauce…. It turns out that orange splattered walls/floor/ceilings/furniture actually isn’t that good a look.  Who knew?!

If you had one opportunity to time travel, which time period would you go to?

Probably either the 60’s (I’ve always been a bit of a hippy at heart) or the 20’s (for the jazz and beautiful dresses).

If you could be a member of a TV sitcom family, which one would you pick?

One of the Friends gang! I’ve loved the show since I was about 14 and I still watch the DVD’s if I’ve had a bad day and need cheering up.

Who would play you in the movie of your life?

Hmmm, maybe Alicia Silverstone.  Also a vegan, also blonde and also an actress, which probably helps in these things.

If you could un-invent one thing, what would it be?


What is one thing you always wanted as a child, but never got?

A Playmobil pirate ship.  But it’s my birthday this weekend so you never do know….


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